Leadership Recall

The ASHRAE Historical Committee interviews Society presidents, recipients of the F. Paul Anderson award and other distinguished individuals as part of the Leadership Recall program. Leadership Recall records leaders’ comments on their contributions to progress of the HVAC&R industry. More than 70 Leadership Recall interviews have been conducted since the program was started in the mid-80s.

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Carlyle Martin Ashley

Paul Auchenbach

Morris Backer

Donald R Bahnfleth

William S Bodinus

Andrew T Boggs

Cecil Boling

Frank H Bridgers

George Briley

Leon Buehler

Lee Burgett

Barney Burroughs

David S Butler Sr

Ellsworth F Cassing

Jack Chaddock

William P Chapman

Richard A Charles

Paul Christensen

Bill Coad

William J Collins Jr

Donald Colliver

William Dyer

Ole Fanger

Frank H Faust

Frank Faust

Louis F Flagg

Gordon Follette

John H Fox

Milton W Garland

Bill Goodman

M T Gossett

A Damon Gowan

Gerald Groff

Chuck Hansen

Bill Harrison

Richard B Hayter

George B Hightower

James E Hill

William G Hole

William Holladay

Donald E Holte

George A Jackins

Burgess Jennings

Richard Jordan

Rod Kirkwood

Roderick Kirkwood

Frederick R Kohloss

Tom Kroeschell

Joseph Lazar

George Lof

Billy R Manning

James W May

Hugh McMillan Jr

Preston McNall

George Menzies

Bud Mingledorff

Bruno P Morabito

Hayward Murray

Bernard Nagengast

Alwin B Newton

Otto Nussbaum

Neil Patterson

Richard P Perry

Kent Peterson

Irving Pflug

Clinton W Phillips

Clinton Phillips

Donald G Rich

David Rickelton

Frederick Rohles

Richard Rooley

History Roundtable

Olli Seppanen

Charles F Sepsy

Edward Simons

Walter Spiegel

Jeffrey Spitler

Wilbert F Stoecker

Terry Townsend

Ronald Vallort

James Wolf